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Get our free Email Hub template

With TaskRobin, you can create an Email Hub in Notion and auto tag your emails as you save them to Notion. Automation instructions included!

Priority View on #Urgent and #Todo messages, manage follow-ups and a calendar view!

Integrate Gmail, Outlook and more!

Forward your email to our robot inbox after signing up. Give it a minute and our robot will automatically add your email to your Notion database with all your attachments and meta data

Download email attachments in Notion

All your attachments can be saved directly to Notion. Available for download.

Save emails to different Notion pages

Choose and link a custom robot inbox to each Notion page to save emails to different databases.

BCC or auto forward emails to Notion

BCC TaskRobin to save an outgoing email. Set up forwarding rules to auto save emails from a particular sender or with certain keywords in the subject line.

Tag and prioritise emails in Notion

Include a line of #hashtags when you forward your emails to TaskRobin to tag and organise them in Notion. Then you can easily filter and prioritize your emails.

Easily filter email tasks by properties

Create a filter view in Notion according to email meta data that are saved to respective columns. Managing your tasks has never been easier!

How do we secure your data and content

Your forwarded emails and Notion

Only share the tables you want to save emails to! Your forwarded emails are processed once then deleted forever!

Your File Attachments

Your attachments are securely encrypted with AES 256 algorithm. All download links expire after 10 min. No one else can access your files!

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From $3.99/month

Monthly plan to super charge your email inbox, or save 20% with an annual plan.

  • 1 origin email account

  • 400 Emails per month

  • 5 Gb attachment storage

  • URL link to original email

  • Email rules to auto save to Notion

  • Save in 1 minute

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Capture all email data

Save your conversation history, sender, time stamp, subject line all to your Notion

With all your attachments

Auto upload all your email attachments directly to Notion

Link to Original Email

A clickable link in Notion to quickly open the original email in Gmail/Outlook

Quickly navigate to the original email

Paste your browser tab URL when forwarding your email to link back to your original email!

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